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"Our son was experiencing frustrations and behavioural issues at home and in nursery. 
Glyn talked us through some practical skills with visual aids to use and helped us to see through the eyes of a toddler. By sticking to his advice and believe us at times, it’s easier not too, the hard work paid off. Our little boy is certainly much happier.

Glyn is much more than a child behaviour specialist, he was there to support all the family. His holistic approach brings harmony to your home for you all. Listen and take on the advice, there really is no looking back."




Glyn has been invaluable in helping to make my whole family so much happier. Our five year old son was exhibiting very challenging behaviour and we were struggling to cope with it. With Glyn’s help we have changed our approach to dealing with the behaviour and the results have been brilliant. Our son’s behaviour is so much better and everyone is much happier. Glyn listens without judgement and gives expert advice tailored to your situation. I can’t recommend him highly enough!       Mrs B



"He tirelessly gave of his time to observe students in lessons, observing their behaviour first hand and then sharing behaviour strategies with the teaching body. He would also successfully lead group work, circle time with our ‘hard to reach’ students to provide them with coping skills that they could apply in lessons."      Assistant Head Teacher 



After I gave a Motivational speech to a group of deligates in Staffordshire one of the delegates emailed me later that day and said "Your talk on Friday morning was inspirational and I think it would be good for you to come and speak to my team" Thanks Wendy!



"Glyn came to our house and spent 3 hours with us, he sat and listened and then gave us a technique to try with our 4 year old little boy. He said if it didn't work then we should get in touch and we could do some work together.

Well it did work and we have slept far better than we ever have for the past year. We actually couldn't believe there was NO charge, Glyn was true to his word, which was "let's see if I can help before charging you any money."

Your are our shining star thank you." Mr & Mrs P  




"Glyn was well respected by our staff body who would often ask for his advice both formally and informally regarding optimum classroom management techniques and how to build positive working relationships. Glyn worked closely with some members of the SLT in order to help shape some pastoral school systems which helped to include the more vulnerable students and enable them to achieve"  


Head teacher



"The help you gave Alex in school has made him the young man he is today; listening to him and understanding his frustrations and anger was a great relief for him and me, as before that Alex was just seen as a naughty child."  


Alex's mum


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