Progressive Steps Helping make your children's future so much brighter
Progressive                        Steps Helping make your children's future so much brighter


"He tirelessly gave of his time to observe students in lessons, observing their behaviour first hand and then sharing behaviour strategies with the teaching body. He would also successfully lead group work, circle time with our ‘hard to reach’ students to provide them with coping skills that they could apply in lessons."  Assistant Head Teacher 


"Glyn was well respected by our staff body who would often ask for his advice both formally and informally regarding optimum classroom management techniques and how to build positive working relationships. Glyn worked closely with some members of the SLT in order to help shape some pastoral school systems which helped to include the more vulnerable students and enable them to achieve"  Head Teacher


"The help you gave Alex in school has made him the young man he is today; listening to him and understanding his frustrations and anger was a great relief for him and me, as before that Alex was just seen as a naughty child."   Alex's mum







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