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I am always happy to receive an email asking my advice on a how to deal with your children, the thing I find hard is that I cannot always offer the advice, correct strategy or technique until sometime after receiving the email, due to the everyday obstacles of working life, which is then often too late for you.

An email will never give me enough information to help you the way you may need me to, so an actual conversation on the phone is sometimes more suitable for you.

A phone consultation can be a way of gaining some much-needed advice or techniques for the issues you are currently having with your child/children. The advice could be just what you need to move on with making your family life so much happier again. Why not email today to arrange a consultation?


How it works

A phone consultation lasts for one hour. You would contact me by email with a request of a telephone consultation. We will arrange a suitable date and time. Once this has been agreed by email, you then transfer the fee of £100 by bank transfer, when the money is received the call will take place on the agreed date. It really is that easy.

Any advice given cannot be guaranteed and should not be seen as a quick fix. Experience has shown me that when working with children, it is the job of the parents to put in the hard work long after I have left their home or given any advice or proven technique.

Many parents feel that they are alone with the issues they are having with their children. Believe me you are not alone. I help many families on a weekly basis with the very same issues you will be going through. It’s time to reach out for a little help and take a step towards a happier family home.

Email me today, you have nothing to lose!














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