Progressive Steps Helping make your children's future so much brighter
Progressive                        Steps Helping make your children's future so much brighter

  Progressive Steps Services

Here at Progressive Steps we offer a variety of bespoke packages and services tailored to suit your family.

We also have tailored packages to suit schools with poorly behaved children who are finding it a little harder to learn due to having some behavioural issues:


Keynote Motivational Speaking

  • Supporting the family at home
  • 24hr support for families
  • Tailored packages for individual children
  • Classroom observation and support 
  • Transition support
  • Review and help implement fresh new ideas around the rewards system
  • Staff CPD sessions
  • Parental support meetings and sessions
  • Dinner time staff training
  • Written Behaviour access plans
  • Restorative approach practise and training
  • 1:1 pupil support
  • Parenting advice
  • Parent support through email/telephone
  • Support, help and advice with families in school

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