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Progressive Steps was set up in 2016 by myself to help and support families, nurseries & schools through-out the Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester areas with any behavioural issues they may be having with their children. Yes that's me on the right.


Our little ones are our most precious possession, but it doesn't always feel like that when they are constantly shouting, kicking, hitting or refusing to do the simplest of tasks.

I am always being asked by new clients "is it just my children that are like this?" or being told "I can't believe there are other parents as bad as me" Well guess what? You are not a bad parent, you may just need a little help to get things back on track. There are lots of parents out there just like you, going through the same difficulties you may be going through. so don't feel nervous about getting in touch TODAY, we are just a phone call or email away.


At Progressive Steps my bespoke approach is tailored to help you with any child behaviour issues you may be having, and after just one session you should start to see a difference with your little one.



I realised that after many years of working in children's homes and Secondary school, alongside behaviour support professionals, that I could bring something different to the table, something more personal which was not set out in a handbook that seemed to say "one size fits all" when it clearly doesn't where a child's behaviour is concerned.

You will see other sites that say "Child Behaviour Expert" well I wouldn't be that bold!

I am a Child Behaviour Specialist for one simple reason, "I specialise in children's behaviour" that's my passion.


At Progressive Steps the referral process is quick and easy. Email us with a short note of your concerns and I will email you back the same or next day where possible. I will then arrange to come to your home for a no obligation consultation where I can then decide which is the best direction for you and your child to take.


When working with schools I will work inside the classroom rather than outside of it (where possible) which is my preferred way of working with a child, as I feel this has a much more positive effect on the child and their classmates. In nurseries I will get on my hands and knees and get paint all over me if that's what it takes.




My ethos is that "no child is born naughty" there is always a solution that can be achieved by working together with families, schools and nurseries as one team.                           

                                                 Contact me today to start having a happier life with your child


I am also fully DBS certified.

Please call us on : 07541 597 957 or use our contact form

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